Setup Instructions for Sense™ Golf Grips

Setup Video

Sense™ Install Notes

  1. Please use calipers or grip gauge tools to confirm that the final diameter is .620” – that’s with tape. Also, seat the putter shaft into the end cap as pictured below. This will ensure that the butt end of the grip will not move.

  2. Sometimes, the inner diameter of putter shafts might be smaller than industry standards (e.g. Titleist & Callaway).  When fitting the S.A.W.™ System, DO NOT force the whole rod to go in. Gently insert the S.A.W.™ System into the shaft until there is some resistance, then measure the extended amount (see picture below).

  3. Once measured, cut the S.A.W.™ System the same amount that extends out of the putter grip, to properly fit the system inside the putter shaft. Please cut the carbon fiber rod from the front end (see picture below).

  4. Please know that the Sense Grip will add a total of 3/8" to the total length of the putter. You can adjust accordingly.